From today you can evaluate your property for free and online, being able to obtain a certified and incontrovertible evaluation for the sale, purchase or rental of a property. Whether you are interested in selling, buying, or renting any type of property located anywhere in Italy, you can use our valuation application.

The valuation system returns three projections, indicating which value is closest to the market parameters. The processed data comes from public administrations, such as the land registry, the revenue agency, the notarial archive, real estate advertising, and numerous other sources.

The data flows into a single database, which processes them, returning results very close to the market value.

This system allows you to obtain an initial evaluation from which you can get a market idea of ​​the sale or rental price of your property.

It is clear that the data calculated as the final value requires further processing carried out by sector professionals such as real estate agencies. However close the value may be, it is not possible to calculate it precisely unless you request a consultation with our real estate agency.

Valutazione immobiliare trasparente

Our real estate agency, which has always been committed to transparency and technological evolution, has made this evaluation tool available to anyone. . The new partnership used by important brands internationally is also available on our websites.

We had already introduced this evaluation system with another major company, in the previous two years. We wanted a multilingual system that contained more data. And here is our new application available to anyone.

Evaluate the rental of a property

With our application it is possible to evaluate the rental price of any property, both with a residential contract and a commercial contract. Everywhere in Italy, the system is able to evaluate the market value as close to reality as possible. Rent understood as the rental of a room or a home is a value that is often difficult to understand. With the free help of our application it is possible to take into account the values ​​close to the market parameters.

Multilingual real estate valuation

Our real estate valuation system is capable of evaluating in multilingual. The English language is currently enabled on our websites. We made the translation possible in order to allow foreign customers to have confidence in our sector. In this way they can interface with us and be followed in compliance with current regulations.

Certified evaluation

Did you know that real estate agencies are the only ones according to the law to produce certified valuations? The law provides that only real estate agencies can deal with certified real estate valuations. At our agency it is possible to request and obtain an evaluation that certifies the value of your property in an incontrovertible manner. Request now!

Sell ​​with immobiliareguida.it

Obtain a certified valuation of your property for sale immediately by commissioning our agency to sell your property. Sell ​​with immobiliareguida.it! The advantages for you are many, because our agency operates internationally and has a database of customers waiting to receive our proposals.

Evaluate property in Italy for free and online, certified and incontrovertible evaluation, for the sale, purchase or rental of a property