We attach great importance to our counseling activities, and we do not want there to be any interference to prevent its proper recognition.

Therefore, we thought of and devised a section for autonomous appointment management to be able in this way to comply with and value such a delicate phase.

From the consulting activity, paths, decisions and actions follow. Not giving him the proper value would have been a demerit.

Click on the button below to book an appointment now, choosing from a variety of ways. Otherwise, we have also provided a second appointment method, which can be reached in the box at the bottom of this page. In the second method, you can choose the type of service dedicated to the appointment, and any extra services that can be purchased.

Important: If you have seen a property on www.immobiliareguida.it or other synchronized real estate portals or mls, and would like to schedule a real estate visit, please proceed with your request by selecting *<real estate visit> and entering the property code or link in the box below. If you want to view multiple properties you have to redo the procedure, because each visit is linked to a lead time.

If you got here and can’t remember the code or didn’t copy the link, go back to www.immobiliareguida.it by clicking on it even if you saw the ad on another portal. If coming back up www.immobiliareguida.it you can’t find the advert you saw on another portal, it means that it is no longer available and that the portal has not updated by removing the advert. Consiglio: verifica sempre la disponibilit√† dell’immobile su www.immobiliareguida.it, il sito ufficiale. *To request a <real estate visit> it is important to upload a copy of your ID and that of the person coming to visit the property. You can upload your document using the appropriate upload field.

Important: If you have booked a vacation home from www.salentoit.it or from the synchronized portals and you need to take possession or you need to release it or you need to update the documents you can select the check-in or check-out fields and using the dedicated upload area to upload or drag and drop the documents into it by entering the vacation rental code only and only the one listed on the agency’s website at www.salentoit.it, or the rental contract number followed by the name and surname of the tenant.

This service is active 24 hours a day – 7 days a week and even if the offices should be closed it is not important, as the service can be provided in self-service mode, the details of which will be communicated from time to time as a matter of security. Check-in and check-out services after office hours, must be booked by selecting “Lead Agency” as the agent.