Activities that look far ahead

Partnership. Guida Agency has always been engaged and open in various collaborations and agreements, through which it has numerous sales and leases in the real estate and tourism fields to its credit. By entrusting your property to us, you get a guarantee, a certain income, an agency you can rely on and trust. We do not make all our collaborations public because there are so many of them. We have agreements with institutions, schools, banks, law enforcement agencies, professional orders, tour operators, multinational corporations and other national and international entities. Guide Agency is not the classic real estate agency, but an agency in step with the times, with technologies, with expectations.


The project “Gieffe” born recently but with knowledge bases of the real estate market for over ten years derived from ‘experience, training and collaboration with some of the largest real estate groups operating and already present in the national and international territory. Thus began a plan to develop a network of autonomous real estate brokerage agencies “Gieffe real estate” in accordance with the same know-how now successful and established over the years.

Do you have a need to carry a heavy object? Or maybe you need paper to pack your items? Or do you want to modify or adapt your kitchen to the new house or change the furniture arrangement of your new office?

Guide Agency in collaboration with Caputo Company performs Custom Moves guaranteeing kindness, professionalism and civil liability for every survey performed by the technician.

Caputo is the ideal answer to any request, always at the forefront in 35 different provinces, known for years for its quality of service and expertise.

SOS Utilities & Services – Guide Agency together to meet all your Needs! A single point of contact to accompany you in choosing the most economical supplier, helping you with the paperwork.

Electricity, Gas, New Activations, Telephony & Internet, Volture, The best free market rates, Morosity Problem Resolution, We help you recover pod or pdr, Photovoltaic Panels, Air Conditioners & Boilers ECOBONUS 65%.

Boat excursions in Salento are highly requested by locals but above all by the numerous holidaymakers who populate the Salento area.

Guide Agency in collaboration with Escursioni La Torre is able to suggest a top service and discounts or special treatments reserved for those who book with us through our brand site salentoit.it.

Excursions La Torre has a fleet of boats in Salento which with their own staff allow you to enjoy fabulous experiences. Among the various experiences are those of getting married on board and organizing events of all kinds. Inoltre è possibile noleggiare dei gommoni con e senza la patente nautica e in autonomia.