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Do you have one or more vacation homes in Salento?
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We offer complete turnkey management.

Do you have one or more properties that you want to annuitize or sell?

Propose real estate!
Since we are also operating in the vacation rental sector, we have an important database of prospective buyers who would like to purchase homes in Salento.

If you have one or more properties that you would like to put to income, or that you would like to obtain a listing in the tourism and/or real estate branches and therefore would like to sell, rent or offer them as a vacation home, proceed in filling out the form by entering as much information as possible, attaching pictures and documents. You can also fill out only the first part of the information, so the fields where your first name, last name, phone, and email address are required. Propose real estate!

Next, after submitting the form, if you need to make an appointment, go to the appointments section at the bottom of this page and schedule one.



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