Re-King the King of Real Estate

The new Re-King brand takes space, the King of Real Estate, International Real Estate, for exclusive use by Agenzia Guida. Re-King is a revolution in the real estate sector and is an innovative working method, both for those who work internally and for those who buy, sell, rent and manage a property. Furthermore, the new brand enhances and rewards the figure of the signalman.

The associated studio is a new working method

Re-King the King of Real Estate

The Re-King il Re dell’Immobiliare, International Real Estate and network Point agencies operate as an associated firm and the owners are Brokers. This implies that each consultant retains for himself the maximum commission, even up to 100%. Consultants collect three levels of commission: 30%, 50% and 100%, participating in the expenses incurred by the Broker only at the 50% and 100% levels. Each consultant shares their real estate portfolio with the other consultants, both belonging to the agency and to the network. Each consultant works as a team, respects a code of ethics and discipline, works in a highly stimulating, exciting and loyal environment, then participates in training and competes in the awards. lavoro@reking.net

Maximum sharing Re-King is a Network

Re-King the King of Real Estate

Signing a sales and rental assignment with a Re-King consultant means signing with a group of real estate agent consultants. Re-King is an international network within which it shares properties. Members of the network have the possibility of selling and renting the property, in the same way as the holder of the sales or rental contract. The members of the network are associated groups of real estate agencies, franchising, investor groups, investment funds, trade associations, in every part of the globe. vendi@reking.net

Remote sales assignment: a single contact person

Thanks to the Re-King Network, it is possible to appoint any agency participating in the network, even if it is not present in the municipality where the property is to be sold or rented. This is because every agent and every real estate agency that is the recipient of the assignment has the obligation to share it on the network, in the MLS, instructing other agents and agencies to take care of the aspects relating to real estate visits and the collection of purchase proposals. The agent and the real estate agency, recipient and owner of the assignment, is the only contact person. Therefore a single point of contact, a global network of agents and agencies, everywhere, with the guarantee of the Re-King International Real Estate method.

Re-King The King of Real Estate: Beyond the classic real estate agency

In a globalized world, the classic identity real estate agency and the franchising that does not change the current working method are destined to die out in the short term. Re-King is a Network that brings together innovative IT ecosystems and constant collaborations, focusing on the training and well-being of each consultant. This mix of circumstances speeds up the sales and acquisition processes, avoiding stagnating the sales mechanism. Re-King is open to any new collaboration and cooperation, as its circuit is open to anyone who shares its methodology and philosophy.

Re-King The King of Real Estate: International Real Estate beyond borders

Re-King the King of Real Estate

The Re-King method operates internationally, thus filling a gap created by the various parochialisms of classic real estate agencies. The international changes underway, the movement of people from one part of the nation to another, but also of the globe, investors who want to be followed by better structured organizations, the quality and set of capabilities specific to a network, a network, represent the activity of Re-King International Real Estate.

Public evaluation system

A publicly available rating system is present both on the company website and on the Re-King website at www.reking.net, where “net” indicates the Network. Anyone can get an appraisal, be it seller, buyer, landlord or tenant. The Tool (IT tool) is available to anyone, anywhere, with any device, and also in English. The answer is free and immediate!

Professional evaluation

An international evaluation system used by the largest international groups operating in the real estate sector and not a simple evaluation tool. Equipping yourself with this tool, making it publicly accessible, is synonymous with loyalty, transparency and use of important IT infrastructures. A tool that also allows national and international buyers themselves, since the system is also in English, to evaluate the right value, avoiding being defrauded, while sellers can discover the real market value.

Real estate valuation

In this regard, Re-King International Real Estate personalizes evaluations free of charge for sellers who avail themselves of Re-King’s intervention in the sale, while it provides a payment for those who need a professional evaluation without asking for Re-King’s intervention. King in the sale. Not a simple evaluation, but a detailed and documented book where the reasons for the evaluation are explained with meticulous attention to every circumstance. The Book itself represents an indisputable identity card of the property.

Services for sellers and landlords

Open House and virtual reality reking

Re-King International Real Estate offers numerous services for sellers and landlords. In addition to the professional evaluation, well documented, based on public databases, and on the experience in the profession dictated by numerous years, and numerous sales, the global sharing of the property and the Network in which it operates, Re-King Il Re dell’ Immobiliare carries out Open Houses, introducing virtual reality and artificial intelligence, opening the property to the public. Thus allowing potential buyers and tenants to submit an offer at that precise moment. With the help of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the potential buyer or tenant will be able to preview the personalization of the property, orienting and better defining his choice. Furthermore, luxury, valuable and historic properties have their own internal preferential circuit, further defined and structured.

The real estate alert

In addition to the various services listed for sellers and landlords, Re-King International Real Estate pays great attention to the role of real estate agents. Real estate reporters, based on the type and number of reports, receive significant commission transfers. Furthermore, they participate in a reward system, with rich prizes up for grabs, such as travel, technology, accessories and even money. The Re-King reporter can obtain up to 30% of the commissions in the case of sales, purchase, rental and management operations. Thanks to the indicators, the speed of buying, selling and leasing operations is greater. Each reporter sends the report to segnalazioni@reking.net.


Re-King International Real Estate is a revolutionary method in real estate, where everyone who participates, at any level, wins. The password is Global Network!