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Partnerships with various insurance and mutual insurance companies allow us to offer you a complete protection service such as the Locare in Sicurezza Salvaffitto Policy. Your rental contracts are managed in the best possible way, reducing compilation and registration times thanks to targeted and professional services. Also discover the tenant selection service, legal protection and assistance against arrears and disputes: it’s called Salvaffitto and it’s your new weapon against any doubts and any delay in signing! Rent-saving policy for renting safely. Rent your property with us!

Rent-saving policy Rent safely | Smart rental services

Documents always updated

Compiltratto is the free service that gives you the guarantee of having updated, compliant rental contracts, complete with all the necessary attachments. Without the need for software and quickly.

Easy registration

Registraffitto is the service that frees you from the task of registering your rental contracts.

Rent saving policy Rent safely

Put your rental agreement in the safe

Salvaffitto is a simple and complete guarantee service. Our expert partners at Salvaffitto provide assistance in selecting the tenant and support in disputes, protecting the landlord from the first default. The policy guarantees protection from damage to the property, arrears and legal expenses.

Salvaffitto is the only protection that covers: 12 months of overdue rent, damage to the property, legal costs for disputes and evictions.

Salvaffitto protects you:


An entire team of lawyers specializing in tenancies will give you support when you request it for:

  • clear information and answers on rental sector regulations;
  • useful information and practical answers on how to proceed in the event of arrears;
  • totally free assistance in case you need to undertake eviction procedures due to non-payment.


Our partners will materially assist you in managing any dispute with your tenant. They will free you from all the bureaucratic tasks related to:

  • good-natured settlement of disputes;
  • evictions for non-payment;
  • release of properties;
  • collection of overdue fees.


It is a non-insurance housing assistance service. Upon release of the property, in the event of damage resulting from failure to properly manage the premises, you will be able to benefit from the intervention of affiliated specialized craftsmen (plumbers, locksmiths, electricians…) for the necessary repairs.
The service can be used as a substitute for the security deposit.

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