Easily change utilities with Sos Utilities and Services, taking advantage of the best supplier on the market without leaving home and for free.

SOS Utilities and Services to change manager. Have you purchased a house or recently rented a house and don’t know how to transfer utilities? The answer to your questions is essentially utilities and services. A service designed specifically for those who, upon taking possession of a property, need to change manager. Or even to activate a new manager. The service is also designed for those who wish to obtain useful quotes to save on the cost of bills.

How to extricate yourself

In a free market like ours, being able to extricate yourself from a change of manager is not an easy task at all. Furthermore, each operator linked to the supplier is paid to serve the interests of his company and sell a contract regardless. So how can we rely on each individual manager? You need to be a connoisseur and understand the technicalities of each supplier, carrying out numerous in-depth research and studies. But are we sure that afterwards we have the knowledge to ponder the choice?

Free services

The utilities and services service is in this direction. It is an intermediary company that does not operate with a single mandate and is therefore objective, selective and objective in the evaluation and administration of the best commercial proposal. Furthermore, the activity is free and for the benefit of the end user and certainly not the supplier. Reason why to choose and rely on utilities and services.


SOS Utilities & Services – Agency Guide together to respond to all your needs for a change of operator!

Here is a series of services offered:

  • Electric energy;
  • Gas;
  • New activations;
  • Telephony and Internet;
  • Transfers or changes of manager;
  • Better rates on the free market;
  • Resolution of problems due to arrears;
  • Concrete help to recover POD and PDR codes;
  • Photovoltaic panels;
  • Air conditioners and boilers also with taking advantage of the bonuses.

Easily change provider by taking advantage of the best supplier on the market without leaving home and for free thanks to the SOS Utilities service

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